Australian Canopy Piloting Nationals 2018

Courtesy of Shire of York:

The 2018 Australian Canopy Piloting Nationals is a 4 day competition comprising of both Inter and Open categories.

The event runs from the 5th through to the 8th of April and aims to capitalise on the best weather conditions during the four days. The competition will comprise of 3 rounds each of Speed, Distance and Accuracy for a total of 9 rounds.

The event is open to all Nationalities and placings will be allocated to all participants. The placings and results for the Australian Nationals will be decreed from the final placings of those eligible to represent Australia (Citizen or permanent resident).

Bunk room accommodation is available at the DZ for free. Bedding is available for hire at a cost of $20 plus a returnable deposit of $30.

The café will be open every day from 0700 and will provide evening meals assuming there is adequate demand. The bar will be open every day from 1200. As the venue is a licensed premises, it is not permitted to bring additional alcohol onto the DZ.

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